Rainbow Community Initiative

PFLAG Las Cruces will be sponsoring Rainbow Community Initiative Projects supporting the LGBTQ community through advocacy, education, community gatherings, and/or the arts.  Winning projects will be granted $250-$500 in seed monies for project support and implementation.  Below is a flyer about the project and an application form for proposals.  Proposals are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, March 2.  Any organization, school, or university group working with LGBTQ individuals and families are encouraged to apply.  Contact 575-635-9455 or email pflag@pflaglascruces.org for details.

For the application (WORD file), CLICK HERE.

Rainbow Community Initiative

PFLAG Las Cruces Presents: The Rainbow Community Project Initiative, providing $250-$500 seed money to organizations planning community projects benefiting the local LGBTQ community.

Projects must impact the LGBTQ community in the following areas

  1. Protection of LGBTQ rights
  2. Celebration of LGBTQ identity
  3. Educate the public about LGBTQ-related issues
  4. Support LGBTQ artistic endeavors

Submissions using accompanying project initiative form are due by 5:00pm, Friday, March 2, 2018. 

Project winners will be announced in March.

Rainbow Hub Gathering and Potluck

Join PFLAG Las Cruces for a Rainbow Hub Gathering and Potluck. There will be food, fellowship, and a presentation by La Casa about dating and domestic violence in the LGBTQ community.

Wednesday, November 8 from 6:00 – 7:30pm
at Peace Lutheran Church
1701 Missouri Avenue

Rainbow hub 11-08-17


Monthly PFLAG Family Meeting

Join PFLAG Las Cruces for our monthly PFLAG Family meeting. Many members of the community have asked for the return of the monthly PFLAG meeting, and we listened.

PFLAG Family Meeting

Family Meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month from 6pm – 7:30pm in the library at Peace Lutheran Church.

PFLAG Las Cruces Susan C. Brown Scholarship

PFLAG Las Cruces is offering two $500 scholarships to current New Mexico State University or DACC students who have had some connection directly or indirectly with LGBTQ issues.  One scholarship will be given to a student who self-identifies as LGBTQ.  For the other scholarship, the applicant need NOT be LGBTQ, but must have worked in areas that are related to LGBTQ civil rights or the LGBTQ community.


  • You must be a current NMSU or DACC student
  • You must submit the completed application form and TWO letters of recommendation
  • Scholarship awards will not be distributed until the Scholarship Committee receives all required documentation, including copy of proof of current enrollment (a copy of your tuition bill for the current semester)

Any information provided on this application is strictly confidential and will not be disseminated for any reason other than determining eligibility for the PFLAG Las Cruces Scholarship.

For the scholarship application, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions, contact PFLAG Las Cruces at pflag@pflaglascruces.org.

The Rainbow Hub Gathering & Potluck/TRANS 101

Join us on Thursday, April 27, for The Rainbow Hub Potluck and Gathering, for good food, fellowship with LGBTQ+ people and their allies, and a TRANS 101 workshop from the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico/Las Cruces.

Bring along your favorite dish and meet us from 5:30-7:30 at Peace Lutheran Church (1701 Missouri Ave in Las Cruces). Hope to see you there!

For more information, to contact via email, use our contact page,  or leave a comment on our Facebook Event page, on Twitter or on Instagram.


Today in History: First AIDS Report was 35 Years Ago

On June 5, 1981, in its Morbidity and Mortality Report, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) discussed five instances of Pneumocystis pneumonia. We later understood this to be the first documented report of AIDS.

We’ve learned that stigma and silence don’t just fuel ignorance, they foster transmission and give life to a plague.  We’ve seen that testing, treatment, education, and acceptance can not only save and extend lives, but fight the discrimination that halted progress for too long. -President Obama

President Obama made a statement this morning, on the 35th anniversary of HIV/Aids in America, reflecting on its history, the work of his administration, and calling for people to rededicate themselves to working toward an end to the AIDS epidemic.

You can read his full remarks here.

In the News: Target Continues to Stand for Inclusivity

On April 19, Target announced that they stand for equality and support the use of bathrooms that match a person’s gender identity. This is huge as we continue to fight for equality for transgender people.

Some still seem to oppose Target’s policy. The New York Times and NPR report that some groups, like the American Family Association, have started petitions against Target’s bathroom policy. As of April 25, the number of people to sign the petition was upwards of 550,000 people.  Other individuals have vocally opted to discontinue their patronage of Target’s stores.

Some people operate from a place of fear, asserting that Target’s policy, as well as all nondiscrimination legislation will give men permission to dress up, enter women’s bathrooms and assault them. Paul Heroux from the Huffington Post explains that legislation that allows transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender does not make it legal for predators to enter and assault people in bathrooms (as well as some other things).

What are your thoughts on Target’s policy, or the legislation in general?