In the News: Target Continues to Stand for Inclusivity

On April 19, Target announced that they stand for equality and support the use of bathrooms that match a person’s gender identity. This is huge as we continue to fight for equality for transgender people.

Some still seem to oppose Target’s policy. The New York Times and NPR report that some groups, like the American Family Association, have started petitions against Target’s bathroom policy. As of April 25, the number of people to sign the petition was upwards of 550,000 people.  Other individuals have vocally opted to discontinue their patronage of Target’s stores.

Some people operate from a place of fear, asserting that Target’s policy, as well as all nondiscrimination legislation will give men permission to dress up, enter women’s bathrooms and assault them. Paul Heroux from the Huffington Post explains that legislation that allows transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender does not make it legal for predators to enter and assault people in bathrooms (as well as some other things).

What are your thoughts on Target’s policy, or the legislation in general?

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